Plans for $75M expansion of hospital in Bozeman

As southwestern Montana grows, especially the Bozeman area, the services need to expand with it. Kudos to Bozeman Health for seeing the future needs of the community now. Bozeman Health plans $75 million expansion, increase in intensive care By Katheryn Houghton Chronicle Staff Writer Apr 11, 2018 Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital has plans for a.. read more →

Planners trim costs for Bozeman’s second high school

Planners trim costs for Bozeman’s second high school By Gail Schontzler Chronicle Staff Writer Nov 23, 2017 A pedestrian tunnel under Oak Street has been eliminated from the plans for Bozeman’s second high school, one of many changes made to cut construction costs by roughly $10 million. The school’s entryway façade will have less brick… read more →

‘Right Now We’re Booming’ | Municipal |

Belgrade has been experiencing a boom of new construction as Ryen Glenn neighborhood has taken off and Meadowlark Ranch and Las Campanas continue to infill. ‘Right Now We’re Booming’ Belgrade on track to break record for building permits by Freddy Monares, Belgrade News staff writer Jul 13, 2017 Belgrade city planners say they are on.. read more →

Big Sky Developer Panel Discusses Construction, Resort Expansion, Employee Housing – Explore Big Sky

The Big Sky Chamber of Commerce held a public forum meeting on October 11th that showcased discussions with the resort based businesses that are most influential to the growth of Big Sky.  Below is an excellent synopsis of the forum by Amanda Eggert of Explore Big Sky. Developers talk new construction, employee housing and resort.. read more →

Bozeman commission funds Graf Street connection from 19th to South Third – BDC

Roadways continue to be a hot topic in the City of Bozeman.  Antiquated roads and lack of thoroughfares have caused more traffic issues as our population grows. The city commissioners are making moves to use some of the impact fees that the construction boom have brought into the coffers… Bozeman commission funds Graf Street connection.. read more →

Big Sky Crowded: Growth, density and the future of the Gallatin Valley

Big Sky Crowded: Growth, density and the future of the Gallatin Valley By Eric Dietrich Chronicle Staff Writer Jan 31, 2016 It’s hard to argue with the math. Buoyed by the region’s booming economy and widely lauded quality of life, Gallatin County pushed past the 100,000-resident mark for the first time last year. Since 1990,.. read more →

New Subdivision – New Roads. Bozeman Continues to Build

Anyone driving around the Bozeman area will notice the swing of hammers and new construction, both residential and commercial, popping up around the valley.  Many of these projects have been infill in nature – undeveloped lots in existing developments that were held during the recession and now being built upon.  The tide is changing, however. .. read more →

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Booming Bozeman – Development, building pick up page as economic recovery continues

Commercial is picking up in Bozeman to accommodate the new subdivisions and neighborhoods that are expanding to the west of N 19th.  Huffine to Four Corners will experience a huge amount of commercial growth over the coming years – including new restaurants, service stations and other smaller businesses.  This article is an interesting one, from.. read more →

Bozeman planning department hits one day record – building permit submissions

There is a verifyable building boom going on in the Gallatin Valley.  The City of Bozeman Planning department hit the one day record for building permit submissions last week.  Reported by Erin Stauttaher in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle… Bozeman planning department sets one-day record for building permit submissions ERIN SCHATTAUER, Chronicle Staff Writer The city.. read more →

Big Sky, Yellowstone Club witness construction of 100 new homes | Explore Big Sky

By Joseph T. O’Connor Explore Big Sky Senior Editor BIG SKY – This is not Big Sky Country, where waist-tall grass blows against an alpine backdrop and ranchers in chaps and Stetsons herd cattle. This is Big Sky, Montana, where media moguls, Hollywood superstars and dot-com investors own second and third homes in wealthy, private.. read more →