Bozeman Commission approves temporary ban of vacation rental CUPs

I’d have to agree with the ‘Draconian’ flavor of this move – but reading deeper you’ll notice it is only a ban on conditional use permits in these zones.  And there were only 5 ever issued to start off with. Still, high drama in the City of Bozeman. Commission approves temporary ban of vacation rental.. read more →

Quarter 2 2016 Market Update

As we approach the end of July, one third of the way through Quarter 3 2016, we can look back and compare quarter 2 2016 with that of 2015. There are some very interesting statistics as we drill down into the market data.  Interested in where your property would be positioned in this market?  Contact.. read more →

Bozeman population growth #1 in state – BDC

The real estate market is feeling the pressure of the influx – especially in central Bozeman. This short article summarizes where we are with area growth… Bozeman population growth outpaces other Montana cities Jul 21, 2016 Bozeman Daily Chronicle BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — U.S. Census estimates show that Bozeman’s population growth is outpacing that of.. read more →

Law and justice price tag set at $71.5 million – BDC

In other news, last night’s City Commission meeting saw an approval to send the new law and justice center to public bond vote in November.  More about the center below…. Law and justice price tag set at $71.5 million By Troy Carter 6-12-16 After months of preparation, local officials in Bozeman said the price tag.. read more →

City commission holds initial discussion on vacation rental regulation – BDC

Many concerned owners, neighbors and property managers showed up at the City of Bozeman Commission meeting last night to pipe up about the City’s discussion about where vacation rentals go from here. City commission holds initial discussion on vacation rental regulation – Bozeman Daily Chronicle By Eric Dietrich 6-12-16 Regulating vacation rentals, if that’s what.. read more →

Bozeman updating economic development plan | Economy |

It has been over 7 years since the economic development plan has been updated for the City of Bozeman -it was last updated in the middle of the Recession – it will be interesting to see where they go with this next iteration of the plan. The city of Bozeman will soon update its economic.. read more →

Oak Street Expansion to Five Lanes – BDC

Traffic in Bozeman continues to increase and it is becoming evident that some of our roadways are not capable of handling continued growth in their current configuration.  The City of Bozeman commission considered both an expansion on Main Street and an expansion on Oak Street.  The Oak Street option is more favorable to the commission.. read more →

Bozeman – Prep work starting on N Rouse expansion, construction likely next year –

The houses at the corner of Peach and Rouse were demolished this past week – the realignment has begun. Most construction to widen Rouse Avenue in north Bozeman is still a summer or two away, but preparations are already changing the scenery along the road, says the Montana Department of Transportation. This week, two aging.. read more →

The 10 Best Colleges for Ski Buffs | According To

Montana State University gets Bozeman onto another top ten list – top 10 colleges for those who love to ski.  Not so sure about the bit about kite skiing across campus (author may never have been here) but still plenty of snow time to balance out a rigorous class schedule. Montana State University: This school.. read more →

Bozeman may tackle vacation rental regulation |

The City of Bozeman has been dealing with vacation rentals by not dealing with vacation rentals.  Now the City Commission wants to make it cumbersome and difficult for property owners to rent their properties on sites like VRBO and AirBnB.  I think it makes more sense to create a licensing option through application and license.. read more →